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          Turkish Resort 

          Discreet Security

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          Aalborg University

          campus security at scale in denmark

          The largest G4S access control system in Europe
          off-airport cargo screening

          in hong kong

          G4S at one of the world's busiest cargo hubs
          Chemical protection

          in the czech republic

          G4S Security Solutions for Synthomer
          How Denmark’s Museums USE PRECISION SECURITY Read more here
          Security Beyond

          Access control in mining industry

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          Businesses use security tech

          to improve operations beyond safety

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          latest news

          Seaside Resort Discreet Security in Turkey

          G4S is providing an intelligent and unobtrusive integrated security solution at the popular Emelda Sun Club resort on the Turkish Riviera.

          Diplomatic Security at Foreign embassies in Jordan

          G4S has a long history of providing security services and solutions to many foreign embassies in Amman, the capital city of Jordan.

          Aalborg University Europe's Largest Access Control System

          With 4,500 card readers across 55 university buildings, Aalborg University in Denmark is G4S’s biggest integrated access control implementation in Europe. 

          Off-Airport Cargo Screening in Hong Kong

          G4S is playing a major role in the delivery of off-airport cargo screening services in Hong Kong, following the implementation of new strict security rules introduced by the Government.

          Protecting Chemicals at Synthomer’s Operational Centre in Czech Republic

          A revamped G4S security solution at the chemical industry company Synthomer’s operational centre in the Czech Republic ensures that employees and valuable assets are protected from potential threats.

          Precision is the future for Museum Security in Denmark

          Carsten Schmidt, Global Account Manager for G4S in Denmark and G4S Academy Integrated Solution Specialist, looks at what makes museum security successful and what the potential future developments are in protecting high value artworks.

          Security beyond just access control in Mining and heavy industry

          Mining is a hazardous occupation with elevated risks of injury, and the emphasis placed on health and safety has never been greater. G4S has a proud history of providing security at some of the world’s biggest mines.

          Businesses use security tech to improve operations beyond safety

          Tiago Jonaitis, Head of Electronic Security Systems for G4S in Brazil, explains how his team of experts in electronic security solutions have helped organisations customise their existing security technology to optimise other parts of their operations.

          Concert Hall Latvia and securing its acoustic gems

          Securing a cultural centre in Ventspils, Latvia, includes a responsive security system to keep the building safe in lockdown and when the hall opens again.

          Pfizer Site Security In Belgium Gets Royal Seal of Approval

          As a small town in Belgium became one of the most important vaccine sites in the world in the fight against coronavirus, the G4S team in Puurs were ready to scale up rapidly to meet the growing demand for security on site. 

          How security aware is your business?

          Creating a workforce that is security aware is the first step to managing your risks and improving your business’s protection. G4S Academy experts, Yannick De Smet and Steen S?rensen have published their latest guide on assessing your organisation’s security awareness.

          Securing Serbia’s Growing Wind Farm Industry

          G4S Academy specialists, Milan Stanic and Marko Sukilovic look at the paramount importance of intelligent and risk-based security in protecting wind farms under construction in Serbia.

          G4S Academy publishes its guides to detecting and countering drones

          The rapidly increasing use of drones has created a challenge for governments and regulators. In the wrong hands they can be a dangerous weapon, capable of causing harm and widespread disruption. But drone technology also has great potential to help with security, when it’s deployed in the right circumstances. 

          Latvia’s capital city gym culture secured

          Securing a modern 24-hour gym in Latvia’s capital city Riga includes a responsive security system to keep the building safe in lockdown and when gym-goers return.

          Indonesia Employees Awarded for Dramatic jakarta Flood Rescue?

          The life saving actions taken by the G4S team in Indonesia to evacuate Shell employees who became trapped during a flash flood have been praised by the leadership of the global energy company. 

          Specialist tech helps businesses prepare against attacks by hazardous materials

          The sharp rise of attacks by use of hazardous materials in recent years is prompting more organisations to implement smart technology solutions that help them detect and manage these risks and better protect their people and assets from harm.

          G4S Academy Specialists to Co-host 2021 Security Summit Session

          Experts from the G4S Academy will co-host a session on Enterprise Security Risk Management at the all digital 2021 Security Summit in May, with John Petruzzi, ASIS International President of Global Board of Directors, giving the keynote address. 

          Lithuanian beverage maker's high-tech factory security

          An intelligent G4S security solution at UAB Italiana LT’s alcoholic beverage factory in Lithuania is controlled remotely to protect employees and valuable assets.

          Allied Universal acquires G4S plc

          Creating a global integrated security services leader


          Our free, online G4S Risk Assessment is the first step in our process to helping organisations understand their security risks in order to effectively develop appropriate and effective security risk mitigation solutions. Start your assessment now to receive your personalised G4S Risk Radar Report today.

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          Social responsibility

          As a global leader in security and related services, corporate social responsibility is very important to G4S and it forms a key part of our strategy. 

          Our CSR commitment

          G4S publishes 2019 integrated report